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Personal Nutritional Analysis - Customized just for you!
Ordering Information and FAQ

Nothing could be simpler...!

How do I place an order?

Ordering is very easy to do.  Simply email us (click on the "Contact Us" field at the top of this screen) and let us know:

  • What type of analysis you're interested in
  • What is your email address
  • Whether you prefer to receive your reports by email or by regular mail

Once we've received your email, we will respond with very simple and easy to follow instructions depending on the service you require.

How long does it take?
You will receive your reports by email (or, if you prefer to receive hard copies) or will be mailed to you within one week of receiving your completed information and your payment. 
Please note that there is a nominal charge for mailing hard copies - emailing reports has no extra charge.
I sometimes eat fast foods - can you analyse these as well?
Yes - we have data for all the major fast food chains.
Our family enjoys ethnic foods - do you have information on unsual foods?
Yes - almost all ethnic and unusual foods can be analysed.  If a "substitute" food has been used for the analysis you will be notified of this on the reports.
What guarantees do you offer?
By using Paypal your fee can be completely refunded within 30 days if you are not completely satisfied with the information provided to you. 

Payment terms and the fine print

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!

We accept payment using any major credit card through Paypal.  For instructions on how to pay using Paypal simply click the link above or send us an email.

The fine print:  These reports are individually customized and are held in complete confidentiality.  They are intended for informational purposes only and cannot be used as a substitute for medical advice from your family doctor, specialist or medical professional.  If you have any serious medical condition, please consult your personal physician.  We cannot be held liable for any mis-use or unintended use of the information provided.

Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at:

Your on-line source for personal nutritional information!